Monday, November 2, 2009

Limited Time Offer for Walther PPK/S CO2 Pistol

Limited Time offer.

Icludes: Walther PPK/S CO2 Pistol , 7 CO2 Cartridges, 600 Steel BB's.

Walther PPK, James Bond sidearm, has a lot of fans. And Umarex Walther PPK/S CO2 BB Pistol replica is made for them.

This Semiautomatic pistol has a Single-action mechanism and a magazine for 15 BBs.
The main feature of this gun is its authenticity: solid cast metal with elegant blued finish. This replica is both true to size and true to weight (may be an ounce lighter than a real pistol). Besides this air gun has a very realistic blowback action and recoil.
Per one CO2 cartridge you will be able to make approximately 60 shots (an average figure but considering that CO2 is used for blow-back action, it’s rather good).
This gun has a short non rifled barrel that does not allow it to have extraordinary accuracy or velocity (it is about 300 FPS). But it is great for fun, plinking and practicing how to handle firearms.



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