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UMAREX Smith & Wesson 586/686

If you have ever seen UMAREX Smith & Wesson 586/686 or if you were lucky to shoot or own it you will agree that it is one of the best CO2 revolvers ever made.

UMAREX (a company owned by Walther) is a well-known German manufacturer of quality CO2 pistols replicating famous firearms. But in case with Smith & Wesson 586/686 UMAREX managed to outdo itself. The manufacturer tried to do its best making a pellet copy very close to the original precisely copying its design, dimensions and weight (UMAREX replica weighs 60-100 gr. less than the real thing).

The difference between 586 and 686 model is in finishing: 586 is black and 686 is nickel. I prefer a nickel version, because 586 is not blued but painted, it is a bit too shiny and looks rather unnatural. Besides I doubt that this coating is durable. UMAREX Smith & Wesson 586/686 comes with barrels of different length (4" (101,6 mm), 6" (152,4 mm) и 8" (203,2 mm)). If you know something about CO2 gun ballistics you understand why a 4” version is not very powerful (it will suit for plinking or fun), a 6” barrel is a bit more effective than average CO2 pistol. With an 8” barrel we can expect a good velocity and power, more flat trajectory and accuracy, so it will be good for small game hunting and pest control.

Construction of Smith & Wesson 586/686 allows changing barrel easily and quickly. You can buy 2.5", 4", 6" or 8" barrel and shrouds; a plastic wrench used for barrel replacement is included in the package. But we do not recommend changing barrels very often because a screw thread made of silumin tends wear out. A pistol has a quality steel barrel with 6 grooves.
A 10-shot rotary clip is made of aluminum alloy. It is one of the most disputable thing about 586/686. It isn't as long as a firearm cylinder and some people do not like it. Both versions have a black clip that looks very odd at a nickel 686. A pellet is fixed well in a chamber of a clip. Buying a gun check concentricity adherence of a clip and barrel (some UMAREX pistols has a slight defect of this unit that influence velocity and accuracy).

UMAREX Smith & Wesson 586/686 comes with metal front and rear sights, rear sights are adjustable for windage and elevation, it is a square notch similar to one of firearms though made of different materials. Eight-inch barrel separates the sights farther for more aiming precision, hence more accuracy. It is possible to use a dovetail rail for a scope or a red-dot sight instead of rear sight. Front sight is also removable; a black one can be replaced with an orange, blue or ivory sight for better aiming. You may also mount a rifle scope and a butt stock turning a pistol into some kind of a carbine.

A pistol works perfectly. If you want you your S & W to shoot better clean the gun after buying in order to remove factory conservation lubricant and then oil a pistol with gun oil. 586/686 shoots both in single-action and double action mode. Single-action trigger pull is good enough. Double-action trigger-pull is smoother and allows shooting more accurately. By the way this S & W shows a very good accuracy for a CO2 pistol. I got group less than one inch at 10 meters. It is the best result among all the other repeating air pistols.

The only serious drawback of UMAREX Smith & Wesson 586/686 is that many important components (for example a trigger, a hammer catch and a cock) are made of silumin. That is why a pistol that works like a dream at the beginning operates not so smoothly after 1000 shots and a trigger starts to play that irritates much. Though changing of worn detail will solve all the problems it is possible only in those countries where UMAREX has its service centers (US being among the lucky ones) otherwise it will be difficult to repair a pistol.

Smith & Wesson 586/686 is powered by 12gr. CO2 cylinders. A construction of CO2 unit is typical for UMAREX. One CO2 cylinder will be enough for 60 full-power shots at 73 o -77 o F. Further shooting is not effective because a trajectory of a projectile changes significantly from shot to shot. The first 40-50 shots are good enough for hunting. From 10th to 40 th shot a trajectory is almost absolutely stable (providing ambient temperature is constant). Accuracy is in direct proportion to barrel length. An 8” barrel shows perfect muzzle velocity and accuracy for this type of gun.
UMAREX Smith & Wesson 586/686 Specification
Barrel length 4” 6” 8”
Overall length 9.25” 11.22” 13.18”
Weight 2.49 lb 2.75 lb 3.08 lb
Caliber .177”
Ammo Lead pellets only
Powerplant 12-gr.CO2 cylinder


At July 28, 2010 at 3:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

if i add a supressor to my 4" smith and wesson 586 Co2 will it improve power and accuracy like changing the barrel to a longer barrel??
i am asking the because a silencer is much cheaper than a new longer barrel..please help..
many thanks,

At September 25, 2010 at 4:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there,i would like to buy spare 10 shot rotary clips for smith and wesson 686.i tried on the net but no luck,any advice will be appreciated guys....many thx.

At September 28, 2010 at 3:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


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