Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Air Gun Hunting

Hunters have been using Air Guns for hundreds of years. Early Air Guns came in both big and small calibers and were used for hunting big game as well as small game. At that time there were calibers starting at .30 cal. and up to .51 caliber Air Guns. Air Guns of the 16th Century powered by pre-compressed air stored in a tank were efficient enough to be used for hunting big game such as boar or deer.

Today Air Guns are mainly used for hunting small game. Large game Air Rifles are also popular especially in countries with strict firearms law. Recent efficient Air Guns suit for hunting all animals in the US and Canada. Power levels of contemporary large game Air Rifles have greatly exceeded the hunting capabilities of the earlier rifles. Currently, large bore Air Rifles are capable of generating about 200 ft•lbf (270 J) of energy with large bullets (200 grains (13 g) or more), making them capable of taking large game.

The main feature of a good Air Rifle for smaller game hunting is accuracy while power is only the second criteria. An over-sprung, wildly recoiling and inconsistent 20 foot-pound rifle that sprays Air Gun pellets all over the place (as a rule Air Gun ammunition is not designed for high power and tend to deform once they leave the barrel) does not bare comparison with less powerful Air Rifle that delivers its punch right on target every time. So, the first thing you should know is that in hunting efficient Air Rifle without consistent accuracy is absolutely useless. If you can't hit your target, no amount of super pellet energy or "penetration" is going to do you any good. Next most important is downrange energy.

Among more than hundred hunting Air Guns AirGunStyle store is glad to offer you every hunter is sure to choose the one that meets all his demands. Selecting hunting Air Gun do not forget that its characteristics should be in compliance with the kinds of game you are going to hunt. As specialists say birds require one-inch accuracy at 20 to 30 yards; squirrels require the same accuracy, but at least 8 ft. lbs. of energy at that distance. Crows require two-inch accuracy at 40 to 60 yards, the same as wild woodchucks, but the chucks require 10 to 15 ft. lbs. of energy at that range, while the crows – 7 ft. lbs.

Air Rifles may be used for pests control. The most widespread pests are house mouse, brown rat, that spread diseases, grey squirrel, that damage buildings, wood pigeons that can eat a tremendous amount of grain or cereal crop especially when there are large flocks of them, rabbits, that gnaw at the base of young trees which will kill them, foxes, that kill hens. For pest control both Air Rifles and Air Pistols are used.


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